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Black Cat's Eye Chic - R61

Rs. 1,944.00 

Black Gilded Classics - R51

Rs. 1,936.50 

Black Gilded Globes - R81

Rs. 1,993.50 

Black Hexagonal Hues - R11

Rs. 1,917.00 

Black Shade x Rose Gold Rims - R12

Rs. 1,917.00 

Brown Gilded Globes - R82

Rs. 1,993.50 

Double Shades Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses - R111

Rs. 1,980.00 

Double Shades Maroon Cat-Eye Sunglasses - R112

Rs. 1,980.00 

Exclusive Retro Clubmasters - R91

Rs. 2,092.50 

Golden Geometry With Green Shades - R21

Rs. 2,038.50 

Golden Geometry With Maroon Shades - R22

Rs. 2,038.50 

Matte Mavericks With Gold Touch - R31

Rs. 1,692.00 

Oversized Black Double Shades Sunglasses - R71

Rs. 1,752.00 

Oversized Black Sunglasses - R41

Rs. 1,936.50 

Oversized Brown Unisex Hues - R131

Rs. 1,954.50 

Oversized Green Double Shades Sunglasses - R72

Rs. 1,752.00 

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